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What is Chennai Brahmin Matrimony?

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Chennai Brahmin Matrimony is an Indian community-based matrimonial website especially for the Tamil Brahmin People. The website was set up in 2021 and works under the principles of Jai sankara. Its main objective is to bring together eligible girls and boys from different communities such as Iyer, Iyengar, Smartha etc. We have created a separate platform for Brahmins, who are spread across India and abroad. There are two online portals which cater to our group, Most of the members have come through referrals due to word of mouth publicity rather than direct advertising by the websites.

What is the difference between Traditional and Modern Brahmins?

The following are some divergent opinions of Brahmins in India. Iyengars believe that the original Brahmin was the Vedas, which were revealed to Lord Brahma by God Vishnu himself. The Smarthas believe that Brahmins originated from Brahma as a natural incarnation, as God Vishnu reincarnated as Lord Rama took the form of a Kshatriya to defeat the Rakshasas. The Purva Mimansakins believe that Brahmins were originally men chosen from all castes who were initiated into the Vedic rites and mysteries. They say that these first Brahmins then became a caste themselves by virtue of their knowledge of rituals; they took to studying and teaching the Vedas and came to be known as Brahmins.

Modern Indian Brahmins are generally easygoing people who happily adapt to modernization without sacrificing their traditional values. Traditional Brahmin wedding ceremonies still include fire sacrifices called homams (a Hindu custom), which we now perform with the aid of electrical gadgets because the Vedas are chanted into microphones.

The following are some important points to note regarding Chennai Brahmin Matrimony:

Service is free for girls/boys who have registered themselves in “”. They do not pay any subscription fee either. girls/boys residing in chennai or in tamil nadu can register in our website FREE OF COST, but should contact us via e-mail or Mobile number that their profiles be posted on this web site without payment of fees. We will be happy to post profiles which match with those listed on this site against FREE OF COST account.(Limited time offer)

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