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The Hindu Brahmin community has long been committed to finding and marrying the right husband. Due to their vast size and broad influence, they influence many people’s lives. It is only by understanding their culture that you can truly understand the men and women of Brahmand. Common beliefs and customs found within the Brahmin community include:

Brahmins believe in the validity of karma. Each action that a person takes will affect the course of their life. Therefore, one can only live in the moment and take appropriate action for oneself. Otherwise, the consequences of one’s actions will follow them, and the lives of others will be affected. 

Brahmins will marry only within their own caste . It is only within this culture that marriage can be fully understood. Once a person marries, they are considered kshatriya according to their husband’s caste. As kshatriya, they are given respect of that caste.

References are occasionally made to returning brahmins, however these individuals, no matter what their caste is, would be considered outcast by the Brahmin community. Therefore, even within Hinduism, it is forbidden to marry someone from a lower caste.

The sacred thread 

Hindu men wear a thread called a dhoti around their waists. This thread serves as a symbol to show their belonging to a certain caste. There are fourteen such threads, which indicate the fourteen different classes within Hinduism. In the Brahmin caste, men wear a white thread around the middle portion of their waist. The ten additional threads may be worn around the ankles, or wrapped around the upper arm. Prior to marriage, Brahmins must acquire a white thread. It is worn around their upper arms by unmarried men, and around the middle portion of the waist by married men. 

A husband is required to wear his wife’s sacred thread. A wife is not required to wear her husband’s sacred thread, however it is expected in the eyes of Hindu society that she do so. The sacred thread is wrapped around the waist in the middle, near the navel. It should be worn high on the lower part of the waist, and it should not be twisted haphazardly around the waist. It should be tied in a way that it can be untied quickly. It is blessed by a priest, and then it is removed for bathing. The sacred thread is considered so sacred that, if a man were to lose it, he would be in extreme spiritual distress.

Marriage Ceremony


Hindu weddings are costly and elaborate. The engagement ceremony and wedding ceremony often take place on the same night. The bride is carried to her husband’s house, and the ceremony is held in a tent outside her house. The groom is not allowed to enter the bride’s house until her father has prayed to him, and until the groom has married her. The ceremony resembles that of Muslim weddings, but with slight alterations. The ceremony begins with the groom standing on a raised platform in front of the bride. The bride then walks to the groom, and the groom ties a sacred thread around the wrists of both the bride and the groom. Then the groom ties a sacred thread around the bride’s wrist, and both the groom and the bride repeat a prayer three times. 

They are then taken into the house where the ceremony took place. The ceremony begins with the recitation of a prayer, followed by a dance to music. During the dance, the bride’s father washes the groom’s feet, and the groom’s father washes the bride’s feet. After this, the groom gives a gift, and the bride’s parents make an announcement. The bride and the groom then exchange garlands. The bride is then seated on a chair, and the groom sits on a stool in front of her. The priest then asks the bride’s parents at the end of the ceremony for their daughter in marriage, hence continues the orthodoxy marriage rituals of brahmins.

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